Energy Psychology: The Future of Therapy?

Energy Psychology: The Future of Therapy?

This is an excellent and fair review of the exciting field of energy psychology. WholeHealth Chicago‘s Dr. Larry Stoler is an expert in energy psychology and was president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology from 2006-2008.

According to Dr. Stoler, energy psychology is incredibly important because for the first time we have a reliable bridge from conventional psychotherapy into the realm of energy therapy. Bridges into the energy healing have been built from other starting points too, Healing Touch is a good example.

But energy psychology is just a start. Dr. Stoler explains, “Through my advanced training in Medical Qigong, I have found that adding principles of healing from Chinese Medicine to the work I do can help people go beyond symptom relief to address the root psycho-spiritual causes of the problem. This approach helps people overcome their problem but goes beyond fixing the presenting condition to helping people decode the message about one’s life purpose that is hidden in the symptom.”

Dr. Stoler has just completed another component of his now 3 1/2 year program (and continuing) of advanced studies in Medical Qigong and Chinese Medicine under Master Nan Lu. This training focused on the conceptual and practical uses of Chinese herbs as part of a comprehensive healing plan. This training is an expression of Dr. Stoler’s lifelong professional pursuit of deeper and more comprehensive methods of helping heal the whole person.  He is one of the few professionals integrating advanced training in social work, clinical psychology, energy psychology and Chinese Medicine along with years of experience working alongside Western trained physicians.

Dr. Stoler is accepting patients seeking to experience medical qigong as a part of their healing journey.

More Information on Dr. Stoler and Medical Qigong: 

Contact Info
Larry Stoler, MSSA, PhD, DCEP
WholeHealth Chicago, 773-296-6700 x2317
Certified Tao of Medical Qigong Practitioner


About WholeHealth Chicago

WholeHealth Chicago is the Midwest’s oldest and most respected center for integrative care, successfully blending the latest advances in conventional medicine with a wide range of clinically proven alternative therapies.
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