A Note from Marla Feingold, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator at WholeHealth Chicago

In nutritional therapy we often use Medical and Functional Foods for nutrient support and treatment to help our patients reach their goals. Functional Medicine practices have been using such products for almost 2 decades. The American Dietetic Association has finally caught on to the benefits in the past two years. Here is their stance,

“Functional foods have evolved as food and nutrition science has advanced beyond the treatment of deficiency syndromes to reduction of disease risk. Foods can no longer be evaluated only in terms of macronutrient and micronutrient content alone. Analyzing the content of other physiologically active components and evaluating their role in health promotion will be necessary. The availability of health-promoting functional foods in the US diet has the potential to help ensure a healthier population.”

-American Dietetic Association 2009.

To find out more about Nutritional Counseling, visit the WholeHealth Chicago website, or feel free to schedule an appointment with Marla Feingold, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator at WholeHealth Chicago. Marla holds office hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Stop by for functional nutritional therapy, consultation, or an evaluation.


About WholeHealth Chicago

WholeHealth Chicago is the Midwest’s oldest and most respected center for integrative care, successfully blending the latest advances in conventional medicine with a wide range of clinically proven alternative therapies.
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