In Response to a Question on Flight Anxiety

Fear of flying can be treated with both flower essences and herbs. Valerian can be a good choice for sedating anxiety, although in a few rare cases, folks are stimulated rather than relaxed by Valerian. L-Theanine, an amino acid from green tea, is also a good option for anxiety.

Dose: take 1 cap either Valerian or L-Theanine before you get on the plane or prior to full-fledged anxiety. Repeat as needed every 3 hours.

A flower essence specific for fear of flying (as well as fear of heights, spiders or other phobias) is mimulus, taken 2-4 drops 4x day as soon, if not before, the anxiety begins.
Seanna (WholeHealth Chicago Apothecary Manager)

Flower essences and herbs can be found at our Lincoln Park Apothecary, at 2522 N. Lincoln Ave.


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